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Satisfied Owners Of Homes Built By Charleston

Charleston Homes has quickly become one of the Metro areas premier home builders.  It’s because we are building quality homes at affordable price.  Hear what satisfied Charleston Homes customers are saying about their new homes.

The Busby Family

Amy & Ben Heller

Marsha Fox

Our Home Building Process

10 Steps For Building A Better Home
Customers will enjoy a close working relationship with our sales and construction personnel throughout the purchasing, construction and warranty process.

At Charleston Homes, we value the relationships we have with our employees, contractors, and most importantly, the people we build homes for. Because of these relationships, each of our customers will experience the best home building process in Omaha.

Our relationship extends well beyond the completion of your new home. We want to make sure that living in your home is more delightful than you’d imagined. All of this creates an enjoyable building experience.

Here is our 10 step process to ensure you have the home of your dreams.

Visit Our Models To Select Your New Home Plan
Charleston Homes has 7 floor plans. Depending upon your budget, we know that you will find one of our floor plans to fit your needs.

Pre-Approval With The Lender
We have relationships with Omaha’s top lenders, whom we are confident will be able to assist you in purchasing your new home. A pre-approval allows you to establish your new home budget.

Lot Selection
Charleston Homes can build in custom neighborhoods all over the Omaha Metro area. We even own lots in several sub-divisions for you to choose from. Each of our sales associates are experienced in helping you find the right lot in the right neighborhood.

Customization Of Your New Home
Your new home will be unique. You to personalize your new home, depending upon your taste and budget. Choose from a number of exterior and interior options to fit your needs.

Purchase Agreement
The purchase agreement will specify floor plan, custom selections and the price of your new home. Our experienced sales staff are here to guide you through the process.

Pre-Construction Meeting
Before construction begins, the Charleston Homes Production Manager will guide you through the entire construction process. At this meeting, you will meet your Superintendent. You will visit your selected lot before reviewing all of your custom selections.

Construction Process
Sit back and let us do all the work! From the products we use, the way your home is designed, the scheduling and daily site inspections, we have the best home building process in Omaha. Our sales staff will update you continuously on the status of your home.

New Home Orientation & Sign-Off
When your home is near completion, we will take you on a room-by-room tour to demonstrate the quality features and operating procedures for all aspects of your home. Any items from your New Home Orientaion will be completed and signed off by you, before you close.

Closing Your New Home
Closing on your scheduled date is something Charleston Homes takes pride in. As you look back on the previous months, you will realize how easy and stress-free it was to build a Charleston Home!

We stand behind what we build. Once you are all settled in, about 60 days after you’ve closed, we will check in with you to answer any questions or take care of any concerns you may have. The, eleven months after closing, we reiterate our commitment to satisfaction by again taking the time to handle any required warranty work, discuss concerns, or answer any questions that you may have.

Why Choose Charleston Homes

Why Choose Charleston Homes?

For many customers, price is a major factor when deciding to purchase a new home. At Charleston Homes, the overall value we offer goes beyond price. Here are some topics we feel are important to discuss with any builder to make sure you get the best overall value with your new home.

Financial Stability
Your homebuilder’s financial stability should be important to you. Charleston Homes is financially stable. We have been able to continually increase our construction line of credit, allowing us to grow over the last 7 years. Due to this financial success and our relationship with our construction lenders, we are able to pay our contractors every two weeks; ensuring that your Charleston Home will receive the priority and focus from the contractors.

Custom Neighborhoods
You pick where you want to live! Charleston Homes can build in custom neighborhoods all over the Omaha Metro area. Our relationships with developers gives you the flexibility to find a lot anywhere.

The HuntingtonCustomization of Your Home
Each Charleston Home is unique, depending upon the homeowner’s taste and budget. We include many features in our home, but you also have the choice to further customize your home with numerous personalized selections.

Completion Date Given at Time of Purchase Agreement
When you sign a Purchase Agreement with Charleston Homes, we give you a 2-week completion window. Sixty days prior to finishing your new home, we will give you the exact completion date. This means you can lock in your interest rate and schedule the moving truck. Charleston Homes has NEVER missed a completion date!

The JacksonPre-Construction Meeting
Before construction of your new home begins, the Charleston Homes Production Manager will guide you through the entire construction process. At this meeting, you will meet your Superintendent. You will also visit your selected lot before reviewing all of your custom selections.

Leading Edge Construction
The overall value of each Charleston Home includes our leading edge construction process. From the products we use, the way your home is designed, the scheduling and daily site inspections, we have the BEST HOME BUILDING PROCESS in Omaha. The pride we have in building your home shows up on our job sites!

In-House Warranty
Charleston Homes provides you with a Warranty Manual and in-house warranty service. We contact you after you have been in your home for 60 days and 11 months to assure the quality of your new home is maintained. The relationship with each of our homeowners extends past the completion date.

Customer Satisfaction
Based on a survey with our customers, we have 95% customer satisfaction! At Charleston Homes, we continuously receive feedback from our homeowners that our construction process not only exceeded expectations, but we made it easy! Our customers see our value as more than just price.

Building New vs. Existing?

You can personalize a new home the way you want! Why not build YOUR dream home? You get to pick the colors and decor to make your home exactly what you want, rather than accepting what someone else has chosen.

The JacksonBuying a new home will save you even more than you may realize when you consider the incredible costs associated with maintaining and updating a pre-owned home to meet your needs and tastes. After just five years, most houses begin to require costly maintenance and repair. The older the home is, the more it costs to bring it to “like new” condition. But that doesn’t include redecorating or making structural changes.

Today, a lot will be built into a home that was not in years past. Energy efficiency and streamlined maintenance have evolved dramatically. And that, along with the level of comfort and satisfaction a new home brings, makes an enormous difference between what a home costs you, and what you get in return. You can save hundreds of dollars each month in utility costs!

The DurhamA new home is built with “current” building codes and standards. Each new home is inspected by a local, licensed building inspector, not just a professional home inspector, who cannot see what’s behind the dry-wall. These code requirements make your new home more efficient and safe for you and your family.

At Charleston Homes, we stand behind every home we build. We provide you an in-house warranty, so there won’t be unexpected costs to you for the maintenance of your home.