Building New vs. Existing



The decision to buy a home is rarely taken lightly. It’s a choice that’s often supported by hundreds of workweeks, years of planning, and countless hours of discussion. Why not invest all of this time and effort into a new, custom-built home in Omaha that you can be sure of, rather than existing workmanship you know nothing about? In buying a new home, details like color, decor, and even certain materials are up to you.

While we understand that the price of the existing homes for sale in Omaha can be tempting, we also know that those lower prices can be deceiving. When maintaining and updating a pre-owned home to meet your needs and tastes, considerable costs are often incurred to bring it to the same level of quality that exists in a new, custom-built home. That’s not even including structural changes and redecorating.

New home build

Another benefit of purchasing a new home is that you will be able to enjoy technology and innovations that weren’t available in years past. Energy efficiency and streamlined maintenance have evolved dramatically, and can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars each month with all of your utility costs. These things — along with the level of comfort and satisfaction a new home brings — make an enormous difference between what a home costs you, and what you get in return.
A new home is built according to current building codes and standards, and is inspected by a local, licensed building inspector; not just a professional home inspector. These code requirements ensure that your newly-built home is a safe and efficient dwelling for you and your family. We also provide you with an in-house warranty, making unexpected home-maintenance costs the last thing you have to worry about.

At Charleston Homes, we take pride in our process, and stand behind every home we build. When purchasing a custom-built home from Charleston Homes, you’ll be moving into a unique home constructed with the advantages of today and an undeniable character that only you can dream up. We’re thrilled to build a new foundation for your future!