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Building New vs. Existing?

You can personalize a new home the way you want! Why not build YOUR dream home? You get to pick the colors and decor to make your home exactly what you want, rather than accepting what someone else has chosen.

The JacksonBuying a new home will save you even more than you may realize when you consider the incredible costs associated with maintaining and updating a pre-owned home to meet your needs and tastes. After just five years, most houses begin to require costly maintenance and repair. The older the home is, the more it costs to bring it to “like new” condition. But that doesn’t include redecorating or making structural changes.

Today, a lot will be built into a home that was not in years past. Energy efficiency and streamlined maintenance have evolved dramatically. And that, along with the level of comfort and satisfaction a new home brings, makes an enormous difference between what a home costs you, and what you get in return. You can save hundreds of dollars each month in utility costs!

The DurhamA new home is built with “current” building codes and standards. Each new home is inspected by a local, licensed building inspector, not just a professional home inspector, who cannot see what’s behind the dry-wall. These code requirements make your new home more efficient and safe for you and your family.

At Charleston Homes, we stand behind every home we build. We provide you an in-house warranty, so there won’t be unexpected costs to you for the maintenance of your home.