Charleston Homes is proud to provide the Best Home Building Experience in Omaha.

It’s no surprise that cost is at the forefront of many customers’ minds when they decide to purchase a new home. At Charleston Homes, however, we do our best to make sure the value we offer goes far beyond price. In order to provide our customers with the highest value possible, we include these important factors into our homebuilding process:


Trusting a financially-stable homebuilder is extremely important, and Charleston Homes’ financial stability is firmly established. We have been able to continually increase our construction line of credit, allowing us to grow steadily over the years. Due to this financial success and the relationship with our construction lenders, we are able to pay our contractors bi-monthly. This ensures that your Charleston custom-built home will receive priority and focus from its contractors.

“The overall value that Charleston Homes provides each one of our homeowners is the best in Omaha! From the moment you visit our model homes, we focus on creating an enjoyable building experience. I sincerely hope that you will choose Charleston Homes to build your next home.” – Marc Stodola, President, Owner


We want you to have as much input in choosing your neighborhood as you do in building your home. After all, once a window is built, you’ve got to be able to enjoy the view! Charleston Homes can build in custom neighborhoods throughout the Omaha Metro area. The relationships we’ve cultivated with developers give you the flexibility to find a lot for your custom-built home nearly anywhere.


When you sign a Purchase Agreement with Charleston Homes, we give you a 3-week completion window. Sixty days prior to finishing your new home, we will give you the exact completion date. This gives you a date you can depend on, which means you can go ahead and lock in your interest rate and schedule the moving truck. Our team is all-too familiar with the stress involved in moving, and we want to make sure that none of that stress comes from us. Charleston Homes has never missed a completion date.


The home floor plan options we provide allow each Charleston home to be unique to the homeowner’s taste and budget. We want you to be able to add the details, both small and large, that turn a simple house into your home. The homes we build already include many desirable features, but our numerous personalized selections give you the ability to further customize your home if you choose to do so.


Before construction of your new custom-built home begins, the Charleston Homes Production Manager will guide you through the entire construction process. At this meeting, you will be able to meet your superintendent in person. In an effort to keep the process open and your mind at ease, we make sure that you visit your selected lot before reviewing all of your custom selections.


The overall value of each Charleston Home includes our leading-edge construction process. From the products we use, the design of your home, scheduling, and daily site inspections, we have the most trustworthy and satisfying homebuilding process in Omaha. As mentioned before, we make sure to pay our contractors in a timely fashion, to encourage the highest quality of workmanship. The pride we have in building your home is easily seen on our job sites!


We wouldn’t trust just anyone with your warranties. Charleston Homes provides you with in-house warranty service as well as a Warranty Manual. We will check in with you and your custom-built home at both 60 days and 11 months to assure that the quality of your new home is maintained. It is crucial to us that the relationship with each of our homeowners extends well past the completion date.


Based on a survey of our customers, we have a 95% rate of customer satisfaction. At Charleston Homes, we believe in constant improvement, and the only way to achieve that is through communication with our customers. Much of the feedback we receive from our homeowners tells us that our construction process not only exceeded their expectations, but made the decision to build a home an easy one. A Charleston Homes customer is one who ultimately sees the value of their home as something more than a price tag.